I have shot many weddings in Sussex, London and Surrey. For me a wedding is about a number of things. Firstly, taking an unobtrusive and largely documentary style to really document your day just as it was and to capture all the genuine, beautiful, moving and, at times, quirky or unexpected parts of a wedding.

Secondly, I focus on creating a strong connection both to the bride and groom but also the wedding guest too. With the bride and groom a pre-wedding engagement shoot is usually included so as to further this connection and help ease any pre-wedding anxieties. I think I have a natural ability to connect and quickly develop rapport with people of all ages and my therapeutic work in the NHS has also enhanced this.

how it works

Having shot many weddings the whole day comes very naturally to me. I rarely miss a critical shot and always have an eye out for those unexpected moments. My style of photography is largely documentary, taking an unobtrusive approach, but I work carefully to ensure all your needs are met. If we do wedding groups, I ensure these are carried out in a fun, natural and relaxed way. I also do usually take the bride and groom off for a short time alone, maybe to a special place or a particularly beautiful location, often with a bottle of champagne, to give you some time for us to create and document moments of just the two of you, The moments can be really important both reflecting your connection to each other but also offering stunning shots often of beautiful landscapes which are perfect shots to hang on a wall.

Lastly, as with all my photography shoots, I am dedicated to seeking out the most beautiful and dreamy natural light. I rarely use flash I shoot with fast lenses and can shoot in the darkest conditions. My aim for any wedding day is to seek out those elusive, perfectly-lit moments and create and document a genuine and unique portrayal of your wedding day.


Total price for full wedding package – £1200, giving you with all the images from the day on my customized USB stick (high resolution, colour and black and white if you choose).

Additional time over 10 hours – by negotiation. Price without engagement shoot – £1100. If you are planning a more informal, smaller wedding I’m very happy to discuss your ideas and work out a package to meet what you want, eg 5 hours shoot time for £650..



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